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Study: Children Accidently Shoot Someone Every 36 Hours in 2015
According to a study by Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, there have been 79 accidental shootings by children in the first four months of 2015, resulting in 24 deaths and 56 injuries.
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Corporal Punishment in Schools
News report on corporal punishment legal in 21 states, and findings that physical punishment is disproportionately used on certain populations of students.
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Shocking Need: American Kids Go Hungry
ABC News reports on food insecurity and the working poor who do not qualify for government assistance, and yet must use food pantries, non-profit resources, and home gardens to feed their children, as well as the connection between food insecurity and childhood obesity.
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After Students Went to Wage Jihad, Teacher Highlights Youth Radicalization
Teacher and author, Lamya Kaddor, describes the experience of having five former students flee to Syria to join jihadist groups, including her conversations with four of the five students who quickly returned.
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Hidden Voices: School to Prison Pipeline
The Hidden Voices project interviewed youth, teachers, lawyers, and police officers about the school to prison pipeline, and turned those conversations into art in a project called “None of the Above,” and host Frank Stasio talks with some of the artists about their experiences in the “pipeline” including their escape from that experience.
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Transgender Students Learn to Navigate School Halls
Transgender youth, on National Public Radio – Youth Radio discuss the millennial view that gender is fluid and defined on a spectrum through interviews with young people and their parents about their experience.
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