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Tapping California springs and aquifiers, bottled water companies face little scrutiny
In this series of interviews with forest biologists, Nestlé plant operators, U.S. Forest Service worksers, and community activists explain how bottled water companies are permitted to continue to take water from aquifers on expired permits during a historic drought.
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Lax regulations allows Nestlé free B.C. water to sell back to consumers
Community members, conservationists and Nestlé spokespeople express their views about the British Columbia government  lack of water regulations, which allows companies to use and resell millions of liters of water without paying a cent to the province.
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This is Gladys
See what the work of The Water Project means to children and families in Sierra Leone.
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Common Ground 521 - Mississippi Water Walkers, Sharon Day
Ojibwe Elder, Sharon Day, Water Walker, shares her stories of praying for clean water in North America.  Midewin women walk each year, carrying clean water from the springs that feed rivers, to the mouth of rivers where pollutants have overridden the water in order to remind the Water of how to return to her pure state.
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A Former Child Soldier Finds Escape, Heaven through His Music
In his own words, a former child soldier from Sudan tells the story of finding his way to life as a musician in Canada – including the challenges, the role of the International Criminal Court, and help he got along the way.
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Restorative Justice: School Hopes Talking It Out Keeps Kids from Dropping Out
In Ypsilanti, MI, a high school uses restorative practices to teach young people how to take responsibility for their actions and make it right.
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A community in transition: Syracuse’s Somali-Bantu refugees need literacy for citizenship test
The process for resettled refugees to re-establish citizenship is long.  In the United States this involves s well as an oral civics exam, all in English.  In their own words, refugees in Somali-Bantu refugee community in Syracuse, New York, tell of the challenges of the process when they did not have access to formal education in their host country, and are learning to read and write for the first time in a foreign language.
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