Web Exercises

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  1. Choose a social problem, then conduct a search (e.g., at the Library of Congress) to locate a federal or state social welfare policy which purports to address this problem. Does this social policy address the social problem adequately? Why or why not?  List your criteria for determining this.

  2. The NASW Code of Ethics provides a definition for social justice. Through an Internet search, locate two (2) additional definitions of social justice, preferably at least one of which is not an American definition. How do these three (3) definitions differ? How are they similar? Seek to determine the reasons for the differences and similarities in these definitions.

  3. Choose a social problem and a corresponding federal social welfare policy that you would like to learn more about; this may be done through a search on the Library of Congress site. After thoroughly reading and reviewing the policy, apply the policy analysis framework discussed in this chapter. Are there any other elements or analyses that you think would be necessary to conduct in addition to the policy analysis framework? 

  4. After analyzing the federal social welfare policy designed to address an underlying social problem (see #1 above), use the FindLaw site to locate a social welfare policy that was enacted in one of the states to address the same underlying social problem. Compare and contrast these policies.  Is the policy analysis framework presented in this chapter helpful in analyzing these policies? Why and/or why not?

  5.  Using the NASW website, select a social welfare issue that you believe will be important in the next decade.   Why do you feel that this issue will be significant?   What advocacy steps has NASW taken in connection with this issue?  What advocacy steps would you take?

  6.  Using the White House website, select a social welfare issue listed as important to the administration. As a social worker, would you analyze this issue differently than this administration? How would your analysis differ using a social justice perspective?

  7. Go to www.warresisters.org to check out differences between government claims and other analysts’ claims about where the tax dollar really goes. A question to consider is the use of statistics as well as the extent of military spending.