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Combating the Scourge of Sexual Assault
In this CBS Sunday Morning report, the college culture of sexuality, and the impact on young women and young men is discussed through interviews with survivors of sexual assault, as well as a lawyer filing Title IX complaints on behalf of young men found guilty of sexual assault by their schools, and Senator Gillibrand about the “Campus Accountability and Safety Act,” a bill she has co-sponsored.
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Racial Discrimination and Environmental Justice
In this clip from a longer work by Stanley Nelson, the National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights reports on its actions in Camden, NJ, which has the second highest cancer rate in New Jersey, and the eighth highest cancer rate in the nation, in fighting the building of another polluting factor by the St. Lawrence Cement Company.
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Tackling irregular migration in the Mediterranean
Council of the European Union (EU) reports on EU efforts to respond to migration of refugees from poverty and war to European shores from North Africa, including external border patrols by FRONTEX, prosecution of human traffickers, and collaboration with sending nations.
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Immigration: The Mexican Dream
In this France 24 News report, the phenomenon of Mexican immigrants returning to Mexico from the U.S. due to the U.S. economic crisis, and anti-immigrant legislation in particular U.S. states is described by the Mexican and Americans Working Together (MATT) foundation through interviews of returning Mexican citizens, their employers, and others.
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Italy's Birth Dearth
A CBS Sunday Morning Mother’s Day report finds the average number of children American women have in their lifetime is remaining fairly steady, at roughly two – hardly enough to outweigh the birth dearth much of the world is experiencing due to economic considerations, and choices available to women.
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Racial Tension Draws Parallels, But Madison is No Ferguson
The Rev. Alex Gee of Madison, and Madison, WI, police chief Mike Koval comment on the response to shooting of 19-year-old Tony Robinson, an unarmed black man, In the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, MO.
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World Bank: Migrant Money is Key to Development
Mr. Dilip Ratha, lead economist for the World Bank Group in Washington, D.C. , a migrant himself, discusses the positive benefits of remittances sent home by international migrants, and argues that these remittances should be encouraged and regulations controlling money sending are unnecessary. He distinguishes how remittances provide aid distinct from any international aid.
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