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Older People are Happier
Laura Carstensen, director of the Stanford Center on Longevity shares her work and insights on the effects of wellbeing on l ongevity.
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Prichard's pension crisis may come to you
CBS News Reporter examines the story of Alfred and Jackie Arnold,  a retired fire-fighter and police officer  in Prichard, Alabama,  who are receiving no pension checks from the funds to which they contributed, in the context of the financial situation facing larger municipalities and state governments.
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Global Lessons on Long-Term Care
This PBS NewsHour report describes government funded or employer funded long-term health-care options and social services for aging populations in Germany, Finland, Taiwan.
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Using Medicaid dollars to expand long-term care choices
A shift in long-term care from nursing home living to more home-like settings uses Medicaid waivers to give low-income senior, as well as younger adults with disabilities, to arrange the living arrangement and services they want for living the life they want to live.
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Aging in America: Crisis in long-term care
CBS Sunday Morning provides a report on the options for seniors who are “in the middle,” those not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid and not rich enough to pay for private insurance long-term care options, featuring interviews with aging seniors and their families.
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Cancer Spans a Construction Boom in Cleveland
As baby-boomers age, cancer becomes a more likely disease that will require treatment leading to unexpected economic and community planning.
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Helping Low-Income Seniors Build a Social Web Online
In the U.S., people over 65 are one of the fastest-growing groups to go online. Social media usage works to reduce loneliness, and community training programs fill the gap in closing the learning gap in social media use.
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Saving for Retirement: How Much do You Need?
Fewer than half of Americans have ever tried to calculate how much they will need for retirement.  Cindy Hounsell, President of the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement offers some formulas for calculating what people should be doing in anticipation of a longer life.
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