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Jane Addams lecture by Dr. John Kayser University of Denver GSSW 
A documentary of the life and work of Jane Addams, from childhood, her college, her inspiration for Hull House, and the settlement movement, her role in the social work profession, in international peace movements, in women’s movements,  in racial justice, and in politics.
(508 Compliant)

FDR: New Deal - Speech circa March 1933
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt explaining the purpose of the New Deal as it was being proposed.
(Not 508 Compliant)

LBJ Documentary - "The Great Society"
In this documentary, archival film and illuminating interviews capture President Lyndon Johnson’s oratory and remarkable domestic policy achievements.
(508 Compliant)

President Reagan on Taxes, Social Security - CNNMoney
A montage of former President Reagan’s well known financial speeches.
(Not 508 Compliant)

President Obama: Financial Reform Not a Bailout
ABC News broadcast of President Obama speaking to the press as he prepares to meet with a bipartisan Congressional group to discuss the economy.
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The Economist: Why American Wage Growth is so Weak
The Economist radio “In  Other Words,”  explains why America’s unemployment rate is low and rapidly falling by reviewing the impact of The Great Recession and the response of employers.
(Not 508 Compliant)

A Skeptic and Supporter Debate Healthcare Reform
Ezekiel Emanuel, oncologist and former Obama administration advisor, and Avik Roy, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute debate the healthcare rollout, and how the Affordable Care Out will work in practice. October 2013.
(Not 508 Compliant)