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Barack Obama on Religion and Politics
Presidential Candidate Obama discusses the importance of separation of church and state in a pluralistic society.
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An Economic Reality Check, Economist Tim Jackson
Economist Tim Jackson, economics commissioner on the UK government’s Sustainable Development Commission and Director of RESOLVE, the Research group on Lifestyles, Values, and Environment delivers this Ted Talk challenging economic principles to stop feeding crises and start investing in the future.
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Thomas Friedman Explores American Exceptionalism in the 21st Century
On “The Heat,” Pulitzer Prize winning NY Times Columnist , Thomas Friedman discusses the changing discourse of American Exceptionalism in an interconnected world and his book on the same subject, “That Used to be Us.”
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News Highlights: Faith Leaders Endorse World Bank Group Poverty Goals
Over 30 leaders from major world religions and heads of global faith-based organizations launched a call to action in 2015, to end extreme poverty by 2030, a goal shared by the World Bank Group.  World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim outlines the new initiative.
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The Brian Lehrer Show: Nordic Track to Paradise?
Michael Booth, a journalist living in Denmark, and author of “The Almost Perfect People: Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia,” comments on the reputation of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark and their reputation of being great places to live, and the people among the happiest people on earth, and the impact of economic challenges.
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