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A Future of Floods and Droughts as Climate Changes
A World Bank Group summary of the effects of a warming world on the poor Middle East, Latin America, and Central Asia, contained in its study “Turn Down the Heat.” The full report is available at:
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Somalia and Drought, Crisis in East Africa
From CBC, Michael Weickert, Canada World Vision, Director of Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs, describes the immediate and long-term impact of drought on persons in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia.
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Who are Monsanto? - And are they really evil?
Truthloader provides an analysis of reasons why, in 2011, Monsanto was voted the most evil corporation in the world by readers of Natural News.  The analysis includes a review of the impact human health related to both the environment and food, bees, proprietary control of food and crops, lobbying, and the contribution of people to the market for genetically modified food.
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Water and Sanitation, A Community-Based Approach
This documentary by Community-Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA) of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, features the story of Paulina Lesse, and the impact on health possible with changes in water and sanitation practices in Timor-Leste told in her own words.
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In California's Fourth Year of Drought, New Regulations and $1 Billion in Relief
In this report, National Public Radio discusses new restrictions on water use in California, the impact on farming, the public response, the different impact on the wealthy and the poorest.
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Google Experiments with Mapping Climate Change
In this report by National Public Radio, Google and The Environmental Defense Fund have teamed up to use algorithms to detect methane leaks in a few U.S. cities in an attempt to map climate change.
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