Chapter 2 – Number: place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Consider the following statements and click to reveal the answer.

1. Use the order of precedence of the operations (BODMAS) to calculate the following:




2. In which situations can Gelosia multiplication be used?


Gelosia multiplication can be used to multiply whole numbers and decimals.

3. What are the three laws of arithmetic?


The three laws of arithmetic are the commutative, the associative and the dis­tributive. Addition and multiplication are both commutative and associative. Multiplication is distributive over addition and subtraction. Division is right distributive over addition and subtraction.

4. What makes up the real number system?


The set of rational numbers (all that can be written as fractions) and the set of irrational numbers (those that cannot be expressed in fractional form) make up the real number system.