Reception – Looking closely at trees with children

Develop an understanding of the world. 

Go into the playground (or other suitable outside space) and encourage the children to look at the various trees on the route (autumn). Provide a choice of activity  - some children can collect leaves that had fallen from the trees; some can collect the fruits that had fallen from the trees, for example conkers, sweet chestnuts and a variety of winged seeds.  Take these items back into the classroom. Whilst outside, other children can make bark rubbings of different trees using wax crayons and thin white paper. Armed with cameras, some children can take photographs of different trees.

Once back in the classroom, ask the children to put their collections on the table for closer observation. Using a simple magnifying glass, encourage the children to look more closely at their finds.

The work that the children had completed can form basis of a wall display and the objects placed on a table. Encourage children to bring in additional items from the outside environment to add to the display.

Make a point of asking children to sort the objects into groups, for example leaves, fruits, etc., and to make simple comparisons between things in the same group and to ask their own questions to extend their learning even further. 




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