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Chip Conley: What baby boomers can learn from millennials at work - and vice versa

Category: Ted Talk

Explanation: Considering digital generations, Chip Conley shows how age diversity makes companies stronger and calls for different generations to mentor each other at work, with wisdom flowing from old to young and young to old alike.

Time: 00:12:13

Citation: Chip Conley: What baby boomers can learn from millennials at work - and vice versa. (2018, September). TED Salon. 

What are Non-fungible tokens or NFTs?

Category: Explainer video

Explanation: This video explains non-fungible tokens with examples.

Time: 00:03:10

Citation: Reuters. (2021, March 11). Explained: What are Non-fungible tokens or NFTs? YouTube. 

What Is Big Data?

Category: Explainer video

Explanation: Big data explained by The World Economic Forum and raises issues to consider.

Time: 00:01:50

Citation: World Economic Forum. (2016, March 7). What Is Big Data? YouTube. 

How Facebook Tracks Your Data

Category: Explainer video

Explanation: Details on how Facebook gathers your data and why privacy matters.

Time: 00:03:00

Citation: New York Times. (2018, April 10). How Facebook Tracks Your Data. YouTube

How Unilever uses big data in marketing campaigns

Category: Case example

Explanation: Background to Unilever where Alex Owens, VP and Global Head of Data & Analytics at Unilever shares details on their people data centres.

Time: 00:07:38 – watch until 00:06:38

Citation: Google Cloud. (2019, May 19). Next ‘19 Customer Innovation Series: Unilever. YouTube

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