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Please find below a specially curated list of videos dedicated to furthering your understanding of the chapter topics.

What will the future of jobs be like?

Category: Research-based video

Explanation: Based on its Future of Jobs report, this animated video maps the jobs and skills of the future, tracking the pace of change.

Time: 00:02:30

Citation: World Economic Forum. (2020, October 20). What will the future of jobs be like? 

How to fix the gig economy

Category: Documentary style video

Explanation: Background to the gig economy with a discussion about its advantages and disadvantage with both perspectives presented.

Time: 00:08:49

Citation: BBC Newsnight. (2018, October 23). How to fix the gig economy. YouTube

How to Use Hootsuite in 13 Minutes

Category: Practitioner guide

Explanation: An overview of how to use Hootsuite as a content calendar or content management tool.

Time: 00:12:53

Citation: Hootsuite. (2020, September 23). How to Use Hootsuite in 13 Minutes . YouTube

Introduction to Google Data Studio

Category: Explainer video

Explanation: Step by step introduction to Google Data studio showing how to get started and create a report that could be used as a dashboard.

Time: 00:04:59

Citation: Google Analytics. (2016, May 24). Introduction to Google Data Studio. YouTube

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