Video Links

Please find below a specially curated list of videos dedicated to furthering your understanding of the chapter topics.

Guide against greenwashing

Category: Ted Talk

Explanation: Mathias Juell Johnsen from Skift the Business Climate Leaders, explains how with Norwegian environmental organizations and activists, they have developed 10 principles to help us tell the difference between greenwashing and responsible marketing.

Time: 00:07:00

Citation: TEDx Talks. (2020, November 16). Guide against greenwashing with Mathias Juell Johnsen. YouTube. 

Take A Tour Of Trello

Category: Explainer video

Explanation: Quick overview of how Trello works.

Time: 00:01:59

Citation: Trello. (2020, March 13). Take A Tour Of Trello. YouTube

McKinsey consumer decision journey

Category: Research based video

Explanation: McKinsey partner David Edelman explains how companies can now shape the consumer decision journey.

Time: 00:01:04

Citation: McKinsey. (2015, December 1). McKinsey Minute: New consumer decision journey. YouTube

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