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Please find below a specially curated list of videos dedicated to furthering your understanding of the chapter topics.

The Positive Power of Digital Communities

Category: Ted Talk

Explanation: An inspirational talk about the benefit of online communities and how they help and support people.

Time: 00:12:13

Citation: Shane, A. (2017, August 9). The Positive Power of Digital Communities. TEDx Talks


Category: Educational video

Explanation: 00:03:16 Explanation of netnography from the creator, Robert Kozinets.

Time: 00:03:16

Citation: USC Annenberg. (2018, February 28). Netnography: Robert Kozinets. YouTube. 

Social Selling

Category: Practitioner guide

Explanation: Practical webinar on social selling using LinkedIn as an example.

Time: 00:35:40 – starts at 00:0:40:00

Citation: UK Microsoft Partner Network. (2021, May 14). Purechannels - Social Selling - UK GTM Series. YouTube. 

LinkedIn Pages: How to get started

Category: Practitioner guide

Explanation: Overview on how to get started with LinkedIn company pages.

Time: 00:03:18

Citation: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. (2019, March 14). LinkedIn Pages: How to get started. YouTube

How to Optimize Your Business’ Facebook Page Settings

Category: Practitioner guide

Explanation: A helpful guide that explains how to enhance Facebook business page settings

Time: 00:01:58

Citation: Hootsuite. (2020, April 28). How to Optimize Your Business’ Facebook Page Settings. YouTube. 

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