We have specially curated a list of relevant websites for each chapter that helps explain the themes in more detail.

Web Link 2.1: Digital Tool Review Skeptic

Description: Review checker website to see if a review is likely to be genuine or fake

Web Link 2.2: Digital Tool Customer Journey Maps

Description: A free tool which can be useful to create professional customer journey maps.

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Web Link 2.3: The Office for National Statistics

Description: The Office for National Statistics is ‘the recognised national statistical institute of the UK’ and their website contains statistics, from leisure and finance to education and well-being

Web Link 2.4: The European Union

Description: The European Union gathers data from across Europe from country profiles to population details

Web Link 2.5: The United Nations statistics division

Description: The United Nations statistics division gathers and assembles worldwide demographic data

Web Link 2.6: The United Nations National Statistical Offices

Description: The United Nations also provides links to National Statistical Offices Websites which cover Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania