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Please find below a specially curated list of videos dedicated to furthering your understanding of the chapter topics.

Value co-creation and co-destruction

Category: Educational video

Explanation: An educational presentation of the aspects of value co-creation framed in practice theory by Dr Per Echeverri from Karlstad Business School

Time: 00:05:41

Citation: CTF Service Research Center at Karlstad University. (2018, November 13). Value co-creation and co-destruction. YouTube

MUD Jeans x IKEA Circular KLIPPAN Cover

Category: Case example

Explanation: The story behind the IKEA and MUD Jeans co-creation project with the Klippan sofa.

Time: 00:03:24

Citation: Mud Jeans International. (2021, April 21). MUD Jeans x IKEA Circular KLIPPAN Cover. YouTube

Marketing Priorities in 2020 and Beyond

Category: Interview style video

Explanation: Ewan McIntyre, VP Analyst from Gartner looking at the Gartner Annual #CMO Spend Survey results and discussing #marketing priorities for 2020 and beyond with Heather Levy.

Time: 00:30:47 start at 00:01:45 as there were tech difficulties at the start, watch until 00:24:15 as the interviewer moves to take audience questions

Citation: Gartner. (2020, July 6). Marketing Priorities in 2020 and Beyond. YouTube

Anna Piperal: What a digital government looks like

Category: Ted Talk

Explanation: Insights into Estonia, the first digital government in the world, and how the country’s government transformed to a digital first model.

Time: 00:13:42

Citation: TED Talks. (2019, July). Anna Piperal: What a digital government looks like. YouTube

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