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Please find below a specially curated list of videos dedicated to furthering your understanding of the chapter topics.

How to Master Email Marketing

Category: Practitioner guide

Explanation: Guide to email marketing and how to build email lists. Lots of hints and tips as well as why email marketing is valuable.

Time: 00:08:06

Citation: Hubspot. (2021, February 15). How to Master Email Marketing in 2021 (Guide). YouTube

The Immutable Rules of UX

Category: Educational video

Explanation: A keynote speech from Dr Jakob Nielsen’ showing how user experience is important with examples from the past. He explains the foundational principles of user experience that remain important.

Time: 00:39:07 start at 00:00:53 after the introduction

Citation: NNgroup. (2019, February 1). The Immutable Rules of UX (Jakob Nielsen Keynote). YouTube

How to Choose and Find the Best Long Tail Keywords

Category: Practitioner guide

Explanation: Guidance on choosing long-tail keywords with examples and tips. The video starts with background and moves into the Semrush platform. Towards the end free keywords tools are shared.

Time: 00:03:00 – start at 00:13:48 and skip to 00:10:07 for the free ways to find keywords

Citation: Semrush. (2020, July 23). How to Choose and Find the Best Long Tail Keywords. YouTube. 

Google — Year in Search 2020

Category: Research based video Educational video

Explanation: Overview from Google and what people searched for most in this year. Explore more trends from other years at

Time: 00:03:00

Citation: Google. (2020, December 20). Google — Year in Search 2020. YouTube.

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