SAGE Journal Articles

Select SAGE journal articles are available to give you more insight into chapter topics. These are also an ideal resource to help support your literature reviews, dissertations and assignments.

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Davies, G. and Dwyer, C (2007) ‘Qualitative methods: Are you enchanted or are you alienated?’, Progress in Human Geography, 31(2): 257–66.

An excellent overview of recent trends in qualitative work exploring how qualitative work in human geography increasingly seeks to understand the world’s enchantments.

Crang, M. (2005) ‘Qualitative methods: There is nothing outside the text?’, Progress in Human Geography, 29(2): 225–33.

This article explores the ways qualitative research reaches beyond just text and language.

Lorimer, H. (2005) ‘Cultural Geography: the busyness of being “more-than-representational”’, Progress in Human Geography, 29(1): 83–94.

A wonderfully evocative exploration of doing so-called non-representational theory.