Further Reading

Further reading links to supplement your studies.

  • Yin (2014) is an excellent overview of case study from a more positivistic perspective. Particularly helpful material on generalisation, multiple case studies and case study design.
    Yin, R. (2014) Case Study Research: Design and methods (5th edn.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • Bassey (1999) is a more interpretivist approach to case study. Particularly helpful on ideas of trustworthiness, ‘fuzzy generalisation’ and the history of case study.
    Bassey, M. (1999) Case Study Research in Educational Settings. Buckingham: Open University Press.
  • Stake (1995) is an interpretivist approach to case study. Particularly useful material on ways of constructing generalisation and on communicating in a way that makes the case come to life for the reader.
    Stake, R. (1995) The Art of Case Study Research. London: Sage.