SAGE Journal Articles

Select SAGE journal articles are available to give you more insight into chapter topics. These are also an ideal resource to help support your literature reviews, dissertations and assignments.

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Gaston, K.J. (2006) ‘Biodiversity and extinction: Macroecological patterns and people’, Progress in Physical Geography, 30 (2): 258–69.

This demonstrates that statistical methods are routine in that area of geography (biogeography), and that a basic understanding of data presentation is important for understanding the literature; it also includes discussion of species-area relationships, which are used as an example through this chapter.

Song, C., Dannenberg, M.P. and Hwang, T. (2013) ‘Optical remote sensing of terrestrial ecosystem primary productivity’, Progress in Physical Geography, 37 (6): 834–54.

This has a nice example (Figure 2 of the paper) of how choices made in presenting data are very important for interpretation – specifically, how to plot the temporal scale in a time series.

Elwood, S. (2011) ‘Geographic Information Science: Visualization, visual methods, and the Geoweb’, Progress in Human Geography, 35 (3): 401–8.

This focuses on the presentation of data, including new forms of information from the geoweb, for the purposes of visualisation