SAGE Journal Articles

Select SAGE journal articles are available to give you more insight into chapter topics. These are also an ideal resource to help support your literature reviews, dissertations and assignments.

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Caquard, S. (2014) ‘Cartography II: Collective cartographies in the social media era’, Progress in Human Geography, 38 (1): 141–50.

This paper looks at the ways to mobilize the citizenry to create maps and digital data, which can serve as the inputs for terrain analysis. Perhaps typical for human geographers, this is a thought piece with no figures.

Gillespie, T.W., Willis, K.S., and Ostermann-Kelm, S. (2015) ‘Spaceborne remote sensing of the world’s protected areas’, Progress in Physical Geography, 39 (3): 388–404.

This paper surveys the current satellites, which provide a critical input data for digital terrain analysis. The focus is on their use for protected areas, but the principles apply to any regions.

Roche, S. (2014) ‘Geographic Information Science I: Why does a smart city need to be spatially enabled?’, Progress in Human Geography, 38 (5): 703–11.

Human terrain analysis is one of the hardest subjects for quantification in GIS because the data is fuzzy and hard to collect. This paper how social media can help map urban areas, but without showing any maps or other figures.