SAGE Journal Articles

Select SAGE journal articles are available to give you more insight into chapter topics. These are also an ideal resource to help support your literature reviews, dissertations and assignments.

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Mair, D. (2012) ‘Glaciology: Research update I’, Progress in Physical Geography, 36 (6): 813–32.

This progress report highlights the importance of field work observations and measurements in glaciology to develop test and refine models used to understand atmospheric melt-induced influences on the dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Meadows, M.E. (2012) ‘Quaternary environments: Going forward, looking backwards?’, Progress in Physical Geography, 36 (4): 539–47.

In this progress report, Meadows makes a strong argument for the greater consideration and inclusion of a long-term temporal perspective in physical geography and other related physical and biological sciences, in particular, how this temporal perspective may be applied to issues of current environmental change.

French, J.R. and Burningham, H. (2013) ‘Coasts and climate: Insights from geomorphology’, Progress in Physical Geography, 37 (4): 550–6.

In this progress report, French and Burningham address how researchers must go through the process of questioning paradigms and theories with detailed studies in order to thoroughly test these assumptions. They also emphasize the need to examine not only local and regional influences, but also synergistic combinations, that might contradict ideas originally based on larger-scaled processes.