SAGE Journal Articles

Select SAGE journal articles are available to give you more insight into chapter topics. These are also an ideal resource to help support your literature reviews, dissertations and assignments.

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Hudson, R. (2007) ‘Region and place: Rethinking regional development in the context of global environmental change’, Progress in Human Geography, 31 (6): 827–36.

Hudson explores the environmental issues which underpin development and the need to assess the environment in development.

Silvey, R. and Rankin, K. (2011) ‘Development geography: Critical development studies and political geographic imaginaries’, Progress in Human Geography, 35 (5): 696–704.

Silvey and Rankin explore the link between developmental studies and other aspects of geography.

Christophers, B. (2015) ‘Geographies of finance II: Crisis, space and political-economic transformation’, Progress in Human Geography, 39 (2): 205–13.

Christophers explores the roots of the current financial crisis and makes links between economics and environment.