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  • Robinson (1998) and Fotheringham (2000) provide a more detailed account of a wider range of quantitative models used by Geographers.
    Robinson, G. (1998) Methods and Techniques in Human Geography. London: Hodder.
    Fotheringham ,A., Brunsdon, C. and Charlton, M. (2000) Quantitative Geography. London: Sage.
  • For those interested in multilevel models, Snijders and Bosker (2012) give an introduction to both basic and advanced techniques (see also the online resource below).
    Snijders, T. and Bosker, R. (2012) Multilevel Analysis: An introduction to basic and advanced multilevel modelling. London: Sage.
  • Lloyd (2014) provides an excellent account of the role of spatial scale in geographical analysis and further details on methods such as geographically weighted regression and multilevel models.
    Lloyd, C. (2014) Exploring Spatial Scale in Geography. London: Wiley.
  • Cloke (1991) and Peet (1998) give a flavour of the philosophical debates around quantitative modelling in Human Geography.
    Cloke, P., Philo, C. and Sadler, D. (1991), Approaching Human Geography. London: Chapman.
    Peet, R. (1998) Modern Geographical Thought. Oxford: Blackwell.
  • Finally, many of the examples considered here relate to the influence of place on health. Much more detail on this theme can be found in the excellent Health Place and Society (Shaw et al. 2002).
    Shaw, M., Dorling, D. and Mitchell, R. (2001), Health, Place and Society. London: Sage.
  • For a more general account of the theoretical drivers and measurement of spatial unevenness in population see Population and Society (Holdsworth et al. 2014).
    Holdsworth, C., Finney, N., Marshall, A. and Norman, P. (2013) Population and Society. London: Sage.

Online resources

Google Flu Trends

Radical Statistics Group, using statistics to support progressive social change

Case study: using multilevel models to investigate predictors of Body Mass Index using MLWiN and the Health Survey for England. Data and practical are available at: http://discover.ukdataservice.ac.uk/Catalogue/?sn=6765&type=Data%20catalogue

Health, Place and Society (Shaw et al. 2002) available at: http://www.sasi.group.shef.ac.uk/publications/healthplacesociety/health_place_and_society.pdf