Further Reading

Further reading links to supplement your studies.

There are many social science books and articles about how to code qualitative data, but we have found the following particularly useful:

  • Jackson (2001) is a quick and easily comprehended chapter that raises many important issues for qualitative research, specifically the interpretation of results. His concluding ‘checklist’ is especially valuable.
    Jackson, P. (2001) Making Sense of Qualitative Data, in M. Limb and C. Dwyer (eds) Qualitative Methodologies for Geographers. London: Oxford University Press, pp. 199–214.
  • Silverman (2011) is a truly comprehensive treatment of how to go about coding and analyzing all kinds of verbal and text-based data, with exhaustive step-by-step instructions and plenty of real-life research examples – this is the book!
    Silverman, D. (2011) Interpreting Qualitative Data, 4th edn. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • Flowerdew and Martin (2005). This is the definitive guide for geography students with a wide range of coverage and suggestions for related sources.
    Flowerdew, R. and Martin, D. (eds) (2005) Methods in Human Geography: A Guide for Students Doing Research Project, 2nd edition. Boston, MA: Addison-Wesley.
  • Hay (2015) is an excellent collection of ‘how-to’ chapters on a range of methods.
    Hay, I. (2015) Qualitative Research Methods for Human Geographers, 4th edn. South Melbourne: Oxford University Press.