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Additional Resources


 “Vegetation Response to Climate Change” Paleoecology Exercise

“Build a Tree” Dendrochronology Exercise


NOAA Paleoclimate Database

Neotoma Database of Paleoecological Data

The North Central Climate Science Center Paleoenvironmental Database

North American Drought Atlas

Video Podcasts

"A World on Fire: Wildfire and Climate Change in the Past, Present, and Future" (09:23) – An overview of the scientists and science goals for a large multi-disciplinary research project on wildfire

"A Ring of Fire: Lessons from New Zealand’s Forests" (04:42) – An overview of Dr. Alan Tepley's research on fire using dendrochronological methods in the temperate forests of New Zealand

"The Core of the Problem: Fire Histories from New Zealand's Lakes" (03:55) – An explanation of Dr. Dave McWethy's research on fire history using lake core sediments in New Zealand

"Faces of Fire: Tasmania" (07:04) – An examination of the ecological effects of wildfires in the Central Plateau and Lakes District in Tasmania

"New Zealand Pine Invasion" (03:52) – Kim Taylor and Dr. Bruce Maxwell’s and work on invasive plant species in New Zealand and the Yellowstone region

"A Forest After Fire" (03:32) – Dr. Monica Rother and Dr. Thomas Veblen’s research on post-fire ecology in Colorado

"The Maori Word for Fire" (07:52) – A look at the historical and current perspectives on fire and wildfires of New Zealand’s Maori people

"The (Un)Luck of the Draw: Understanding Bushfire in Tasmania" (07:04) – A presentation of  Dr. David Bowman's work in Tasmania and the lessons learned form the 1967 Hobart fire

"The Cradle of Fire: Exploring Tasmania's Past" (04:03)  - A documentation of Dr. Cathy Whitlock and Dr. Simon Haberle's work in Tasmania's Cradle Mountain National Park using lake sediments to reconstruct fire activity