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Heritage and tourism: D. McCrone et al., Scotland – the Brand (1995); P. Basu Highland Homecomings: genealogy and heritage tourism in the Scottish diaspora (2007); D. Hesse Warrior Dreams: playing Scotsmen in Mainland Europe (2014).

On kailyard and tartanry: W. Donaldson Popular Literature in Victorian Scotland (1986); I. Brown (ed.) From Tartan to Tartanry: Scottish Culture, History and Myth, EUP, 2010.

On filmic representations, see Duncan Petrie’s Screening Scotland (2000); Contemporary Scottish Fictions – Film, Television and the Novel (2004); and The Cinema of Small Nations (2007).

For an extract from the movie, ‘Scotch myths (1982)’, see

On the 2016 exhibition at National Museum of Scotland, and the British Museum, see