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Government website: Scottish Government Long Term Monitoring of Health Inequalities: Headline Indicators – October 2015

Bruce Whyte and Tomi Ajetunmobi ‘Still “The Sick Man of Europe”? Scottish Mortality in a European Context, 1950–2010: an analysis of comparative mortality trends’ (2012)

Alastair Leyland, Ruth Dundas, Philip McLoone and F Andrew Boddy Inequalities in Mortality in Scotland 1981–2001, MRC, Social and Public Health Sciences Unit (2007)

See also the reports of the Glasgow Centre for Population Health ( including ‘Ten Years of the Glasgow Centre for Population Health: the evidence and implications’, (October 2014); and ‘History, politics and vulnerability: explaining excess mortality in Scotland and Glasgow’, May 2016.

Public Health Information for Scotland (ScotPHO), ( including: ‘Testing the fundamental causes theory of health inequalities in Scotland’ (October 2013).