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The most obvious resource is the historical appendix at the end of the book. You might also like to look at the extensive coverage in, bearing in mind that there is always a question about sources. Here is another useful website:

Much of the writing about Scotland is defined as ‘history’ (take a look at the ‘Scottish’ sections in bookshops to see if that is true!). Tom Devine’s book The Scottish Nation, 1700-2000 remains one of the most accessible history of modern Scotland, and at some stage you should read it if you have not done so already.

There is also a large book edited by Tom with Jenny Wormald called The Oxford Handbook of Modern Scottish History (2012). This is worth dipping into according to your taste and interests. It also has Michael Anderson’s splendid overview of Scotland’s demography which will be a key feature in our next chapter.

If your taste is more for numbers and statistics, look at Living in Scotland: Social and Economic Change Since 1980, which was published in 2004. It also has a CD with the key tables, although it does not cover more up-to-date material such as the 2011 census data.