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Engaging the Scottish Diaspora: see Scottish Government reports

GlobalScot Network

Global Friends of Scotland

For academic studies of the Scottish diaspora, see James Hunter Scottish Exodus (2005); Tom Devine To the Ends of the Earth (2011); Duncan Sim American Scots (2011); Marjorie Harper Scotland No More? (2012); Mario Varricchio (ed.) Back to Caledonia (2012); Tania Bueltmann and colleagues The Scottish Diaspora (2013); Murray Leith and Duncan Sim The Modern Scottish Diaspora (2014).

Fiction is stranger than Truth: the Outlander story

Readers have voted Outlander as the best book set in Scotland or by a Scottish author to be adapted for television or film. The Book Week Scotland poll saw 65% of almost 5,200 votes cast go to US author Diana Gabaldon’s series of stories.’