Module 11
Producing: Digital

In one sense, every journalist must be a digital producer, just as every TV reporter should know what it takes to produce a newscast and every print reporter should understand what it takes to publish a newspaper. The more you know about the entire process, the better you'll be at whatever part you play in the process. As you complete these exercises and explore the module resources, you will learn to:

  • Plan stories for a multimedia package. It's a continuous process from the moment your story is assigned to the point at which you air, publish, or post your content. Executing a strong multimedia package involves reviewing and revising, often through the use of storyboards.
  • Develop a style for blogging. This form of storytelling requires journalists to more directly engage their audiences. The style of writing should be more conversational and should invite thoughtful comments.
  • Practice promoting content across platforms. Multimedia producers are tasked with engaging and growing audience. Understanding how to promote news content is an important part of this process.

Module Exercises

  • Exercise 1: Multimedia Story Planning
  • Exercise 2: Mining Comments
  • Exercise 3: Discover Ongoing Coverage Online
  • Exercise 4: Multimedia Promotion