Writing and Math Tools

50 Writing Tools
Poynter’s Roy Peter Clark has a quick list of 50 writing tools from his book of the same name. Each tip is explained further in a downloadable podcast. 

Grammar Refresher
From the writing center at the University of Ottawa, this online grammar course is a useful refresher.

Common Grammar Mistakes
From the Grammar Slammer, a searchable list of common errors. Explore the rest of the site for tips on style, usage, punctuation, and more.

Common Spelling Errors
Oxford Dictionaries has a list of the most often misspelled words in English.

A Simple Guide to Statistics
Journalist Robert Niles demystifies statistics for journalists and other writers who might not know math.

Online Calculators
Make it easy on yourself by using online tools for calculations. NewsLab has a useful list of links.

Check Your Math Skills
When Phil Meyer taught at the University of North Carolina, he created this math test for journalists. Try it out to check your skills.