The Producer's Role

Working as a Digital Producer

Take a look at any job site and you’ll see more and more listings for digital and social media producers. Digital media director Renee Johnson went from TV news producer to digital producer and shares the essential skills for those making the transition.

Getting a Digital Producer Job

If you love social media and all things digital, you can translate those skills into a job in a TV newsroom. Former Corporate Digital Content Director for Raycom Brad Conaway tells you how.

What Producers Wish They Knew

Wouldn’t it be great to avoid most mistakes when you get your first job? Here’s a roundup of what some entry-level producers say they found out the hard way.

The Producer Book

Though this site has not been updated in quite some time, it still contains valuable information about the job of a TV news producer. Created by producers for producers, it's hosted by the journalism school at Ohio University.

Backtiming Your Day

This overview of a producer's day can help provide insight into what the job entails. These tips were adapted from a guide by Holly Edgell, then executive producer at KOMU-TV in Columbia, Mo.