About the Book

Accessible, engaging, and informative, this book will help any social science student approach statistics with confidence.

With a well-paced and well-judged integrated approach rather than a simple linear trajectory, this book progresses at a realistic speed that matches the pace at which statistics novices actually learn. Packed with global, interdisciplinary examples that ground statistical theory and concepts in real-world situations, it shows students not only how to apply new-found knowledge using IBM SPSS Statistics, but also why they would want to. Spanning statistics basics like variables, constants, and sampling through to t-tests, multiple regression and factor analysis, it builds statistical literacy while also covering key research principles like research questions, error types and results reliability.

It shows you how to:

  • Describe data with graphs, tables, and numbers
  • Calculate probability and value distributions
  • Test a priori and post hoc hypotheses
  • Conduct Chi-squared tests and observational studies
  • Structure ANOVA, ANCOVA, and factorial designs