SAGE Journal Articles

Kevin N. Ochsner and James J. Gross, Cognitive Emotion Regulation: Insights From Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, Current Directions in Psychological Science 2008 17: 153-158.

  • According to the article, what are the roles of neural networks in regulating and controlling emotion?
  • What is “functional imaging?” How is it relative to cognitive emotion?
  • Consider the concept of reappraisal in the regulation of cognitive emotion. What does it mean to “reappraise,” and how does it relate to emotional response?

James R. Anerill, The Future of Social Constructionism: Introduction to a Special Section of Emotion Review, Emotion Review 2012 4: 215-220.

  • What role does emotion play in social constructionism?
  • What are emotional prototypes? Do they serve a purpose in the construction process?
  • The conclusion discusses the role played by emotional development in social constructionism. What are some of the temporal perspectives discussed in regard to this concept, and how do they view this role?