SAGE Journal Articles

R. Uma Priya, Transactional Analysis and the Mind/Body Connection, Transactional Analysis Journal 2007 37: 286-293

  • What is transactional analysis, and how does it relate to the mind/body connection?
  • What methods were used in this study to help reconcile her physical state to her depressed mental state? That is, in what ways was mind/body awareness involved in the healing process?
  • Using the events in this article as an example, in what ways can improving one’s mental state or outlook impact their physical health positively?


Klaus G. Witz, Consciousness as a Characteristic of the Human Being as a Whole: Elements of a New Approach, Qualitative Inquiry 2015 21: 660-671

  • What does the author explain as constituting one’s existence as both “a single consciousness” and “I”?
  • What are the “higher aspects” the article references, and how may those affect one’s understanding of self?
  • People often believe that they remain the same person throughout the course of their lifetime. What are some arguments for or against this?