SAGE Journal Articles

Levent Yilmaz, Tuncer Ören, and Nasser-Ghasem Aghaee, Intelligent agent, similation, and gaming, Simulation Gaming 2006 37:339-349.

  • What roles do intelligent agents play in simulated worlds?
  • What is “agent-based simulation?”
  • Considering the current state of artificial intelligence in simulations, what future applications of intelligent agents might we see? Consider the articles examples on military and civic simulations.

Amy Baylor, Beyond Butlers: Intelligent Agents as Mentors, Journal of Educational Computing Research 2000 22: 373-382.

  • What are some of the pedagogical issues that intelligent agents face?
  • How does the author define the person-agent relationship factor?
  • Once the requirements outlined by the article have been met, what are some of the possible roles intelligent agents might play in the future of education?