SAGE Journal Articles

Pei-Hung Liao, Pei-Ti Hsu, William Chu, and Woei-Chyn Chu, Applying artificial intelligence technology to support decision-making in nursing: A case study in taiwan, Health Information Journal 2015 21: 137-148

  • In what ways does the article propose artificial intelligence can assist nurses in making healthcare decisions?
  • What is a back-propagation neural network?
  • Using examples from the article, give some examples of “subjective” decisions nurses make that artificial intelligence can eliminate, therefore allowing more efficient and effective healthcare.

Renbin Xiao, Zhenwu Tao, and Tinggui Chen, An analytical approach to the similarities between swarm intelligence and artificial neural network, Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control 2012 34: 736-745.

  • How does the “swarm intelligence” represented by the ant colony relate to artificial neural networks?
  • What is the “traveling salesman problem”? How does it relate to the concept of swarm intelligence?
  • What can bio-inspired computation methods reveal about the mechanisms of the human brain?