SAGE Journal Articles

Theresa Catalano and John W. Creswell, Understanding the Language of the Occupy Movement: A Cognitive Linguistic Analysis, Qualitative Inquiry 2013 19: 664-673.

  • How in the concept of “narrative inquiry” discussed in the article?
  • In this study, how is cognitive linguistics utilized to analyze the language of the Occupy movement?
  • What role did the concepts of metaphor and metonymy play in the language of the movement? Why were these important?

Klaus Zuberbühler, The Phylogenetic Roots of Language: Evidence From Primate Communication and Cognition, Current Directions in Psychological Science 2005 14: 126-130.

  • What are some of the psychological states can we link the verbal behavior of primates to?
  • Anatomically, how do the language capacities of primates differ from those of humans? What makes them different?
  • Non-verbal cues,  such as hand and facial expressions, are an important component of language. How do the capabilities to express these compare between primates and humans?