SAGE Journal Articles

Tracy P Alloway and Kate Cockcroft, Working Mempry in ADHD: A Comparison of British and South African Children, J Atten Disord 2014 18: 286-293

  • According to the article,  what is the connection between working memory and ADHD?
  • What are some tasks that prove challenging for children who have ADHD, signifying issues with working memory?
  • How did the students from both test groups compare? Consider what the results of the testing seem to indicate in regard to their memory capabilities.

Jordan Frith and Jason Kalin, Here, I used to Be: Mobile Media and Practices of Place-Based Digital Memory, Space and Culture 2015 : 120633121

  • In what ways have location-aware mobile media made it possible for people to create “new” memories which prior to this technology were unavailable?
  • How has the concept of location, or “place,” changed in relation to memory as a result of the advent of this new media?
  • Using the examples given in the article, explain how new places and memories are encouraged to be found or created through the use of mobile applications.