SAGE Journal Articles

Michael F. Green and William P. Horan, Social Cognition in Schizophrenia, Current Directions in Psychological Science 2010 19:243-248.

  • How does social cognition act as a determinant of schizophrenia?
  • In what ways do social cognitive domains act as mediators for those with schizophrenia?
  • As outlined in the article, what are “targeted treatment” studies? What are some of the techniques these treatments are composed of?

Rebecca A. Dore and Angeline S. Lillard. Theory of Mind and Children's Engagement in Fantasy Worlds, Imagination, Cognition and Personality 2015 34: 230-242.

  • What is theory of mind? How does it relate to the idea of one engaging in “fantasy” worlds?
  • In what ways does the study speculate that engaging with fantasy worlds can help children better understand the minds of others?
  • What are the three “fantasy measures” that predicted an improved Theory of Mind for children over time? Why do you think this is?