SAGE Journal Articles

Carl L. Faingold and Hal Blumenfeld, Targeting Neuronal Networks with Combined Drug and Stimulation Paradigms Guided by Neuroimaging to Treat Brain Disorders, Neuroscientist 2015 21: 406-474.

  • What are neuronal networks, and how do they interact with one another?
  • Are these networks considered “static” entities? Why or why not?
  • How can animal models be utilized to gain a better understanding of neuronal networks?


CARL BEREITER, Implecations of Connectionism for Thinking about Rules, Educational Researcher 1991 20: 10-16

  • Define “new connectionism.” In what ways does it oppose classic cognitive theory?
  • What are some connections that can be made between connectionism and behaviorism?
  • From a connectionist perspective, what are “rules” and what are their place in cognitive thinking?