SAGE Journal Articles

Gregory A. Kimble, Behaviorusm and Unity in Psychology, Current Directions in Psychological Science 2000 9: 208-212

  • What differentiates the two different varieties of behaviorism discussed in the article?
  • In what ways can behaviorism be described as a blend of adaptation and coping?
  • How does the author propose that behaviorist techniques have potential to unify the schools of psychological thought?


Tschangho John Kim, Scientific Reasoning and Methods in Urban Planning, International Regional Science Review 2013 36: 36-43

  • How does the author propose applying the scientific method for use of benefit to urban planning?
  • What applications of the scientific method need to be altered when applied to considerations being made for urban development?
  • Using this article’s content as an example, what other fields do you think could possibly benefit from applying the discourse of scientific methods?