SAGE Journal Articles

Mario Villalobos, Enactive cognitive science: revisionism or revolution?, Adaptive Behavior 2013 21: 159-167.

  • How does the author define the enactive approach to cognitive science?
  • Describe the “paradigmatic shift” described as having occurred between first-order and second-order cybernetics. What were the consequences of this?
  • What does the author propose as the role of enactive cognitive science in future research?

Thomas N. Duening, Five Minds for the Entrepreneurial Future: Cognitive Skills as the Intellectual Foundation for Next Generation Entrepreneurship Curricula, Journal of Entrepreneurship 2010 19: 1-22.

  • What are some of the cognitive skills the author suggests that successful entrepreneurs employ?
  • What are some of the similarities shared by all five of the “entrepreneurial minds” outlined in the article?
  • Outline the factors associated with the “Effectuating Mind.” How does the author propose these qualities lead to success?