SAGE Journal Articles

Charan Ranganath, Binding Items and Contexts: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Episodic Memory, Current Directions in Psychological Science 2010 19: 131-137

  • What is episodic memory, and how is it connected to other cognitive processes?
  • What are some criticisms of the “Binding of Items and Context” (BIC) model as outlined in the article?
  • According the authors, which region(s) of the does the processing of relationships between items seem to be associated with?


Shihomi Sakurai, joji Onishi, and Makoto Hirai, Impaired Autonomi Nervous System Activity During Sleep in Family Caregivers of Ambulatory Dementia Patients in Japan, Biol Res Nurs 2015 17: 21-28

  • What are some reasons given for the lack of sleep quality in the cases of those caring for relatives with dementia?
  • In what part of their sleep cycle was the sympathetic nervous system activity most prominent? What does this signify?
  • Which part of the brain would be best associated with this sort of “subconscious stress?”