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Roe, M. (2019) Why America’s CEOs are talking about stakeholder capitalism, Project Syndicate, November 4, 2019.

Read this article to learn about how stakeholders have recently sprung into focus in US business as Mark Roe (2019) writes when he asks – and answers – why America’s CEOs are talking about stakeholder capitalism. He points to changes in the political economy leading to changes in thinking if not yet in practice.

Odzysku, L. (2016). Natural environment as a silent stakeholder of a socially responsible company. Good business practices in Poland. The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 4(21), 80–82.

Read the article to learn about Polish responsible business practices.

Alexander, M. (2019). Here are four approaches that project managers can take when sharing tough news with stakeholders. TechRepublic, 19 August.

When projects are less successful than hoped then bad news has to be delivered to project stakeholders – Moira Alexander (2019) gives some tips on how to deliver bad news.