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van Oorschot, K., Sengupta, K., & Van Wassenhove, L. N. (2018) Under Pressure: The Effects of Iteration Lengths on Agile Software Development Performance. Project Management Journal49(6), 78–102.

Read this article to explore how the iterative cycles used in agile software development create a series of deadlines for project teams. What could be the optimal iteration length under behavioural conditions for agile software projects? Read about this in the article by …

Hobbs, B., & Petit, Y (2017). Agile Methods on Large Projects in Large Organizations. Project Management Journal48(3), 3–19.

While agile methods have taken software development by storm, they have mostly been applied to what is referred to as the “agile sweet spot,” which consists of small co-located teams working on small, non-critical, green field, in-house software projects with stable architectures and simple governance rules. Read this article about how these methods are increasingly being used on large projects.

Mahmoud-Jouini, S. B., Midler, C., & Silberzahn, P. (2016). Contributions of design thinking to project management in an innovation context. Project Management Journal47(2), 144–156.

Read the article to learn about the process of Design Thinking, and how Design Thinking can contribute to Project Management in an innovation context.

Kwon, H., & Kang, C. W. (2019). Improving Project Budget Estimation Accuracy and Precision by Analyzing Reserves for Both Identified and Unidentified Risks. Project Management Journal50(1), 86–100.

Read this article to learn about how project managers face the challenge of completing projects within given budgets but without the relevant tools to deal with unidentified risks. This article introduces an approach for estimating reserves for both identified and unidentified risks separately.

Wang, W., Chen, Y., Zhang, S. & Wang, Y. (2018). Contractual Complexity in Construction Projects: Conceptualization, Operationalization, and Validation. Project Management Journal, 49(3), 46–61.

Read the paper by Wang, Chen, Zhang, & Wang (2018) on contractual complexity in construction projects.

Williams, T. (2017). The Nature of Risk in Complex Projects. Project Management Journal, 48(4), 55–56.

A systematic analysis of risk in project management is provided by Williams (2017).