Further Reading

Bunner, A. (2016). Project planning: What are typical project milestones? Clarizen blog, 5 August.

Milestones are common in projects. Read this blog to get a didactic introduction to milestones: asking what are project milestones?

Atkins, G., Wajzer C., Hoghart, R, Davies, N., & Norris, E. (2017). What’s wrong with infrastructure decision making? Conclusions from six UK case studies.

Read this r report by the Institute for Government in the UK for an interesting discussion on decision-making in the context of projects. “What’s wrong with infrastructure decision-making? Conclusions from six UK case studies.”

Rotter, Plishka, Lawal, Harrison, Sari, Goodridge, and Kinsman, L. (2019) ask “What Is Lean Management in Health Care? Development of an Operational Definition for a Cochrane Systematic Review.” Evaluation & the Health Professions42(3), 366–390.

Read the article on how lean management is increasingly being adopted in health care.