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Sawyer, K., & Thoroughgood, C. (2017). Fixing a toxic culture like Ubers requires more than just a new CEO. The Conversation, 20 June, p. 10

A toxic culture can be challenging for projects and project-based firms. Read the article, based on the case of Uber, to learn about various processes to improve the culture. One man cannot do it alone.

Calder, R. (2019). Muskerat falls hydroelectric project poses risks for Canada that are being ignored. The Conversation, October 3.

Read this cautionary tale, by Calder, from Canada. It describes well the pitfalls encountered by a new hydroelectric project in Muskerat Falls that failed to address important stakeholders.

Liang, C. L., Liang, J., & Koo K. (2019). Rail works lift property prices, pointing to value capture’s potential to fund city infrastructure. The Conversation, 14 October.

Read this insightful piece on value capturing and the role it can play in funding, including examples on how rail works lift property prices.

Allal-Ch’erif, O. (2019). Airbus A380: From high-tech marvel to commercial flop. The Conversation, 19 February.

Read this article about Airbus A380. It explains the development journey and the reasons why Airbus A380 could develop from a high-tech marvel to a commercial flop. This project was initially hailed as a great success but became a great failure.

Carlton, D. (2018). Lack of technical knowledge in leadership is a key reason why so many IT projects fail. The Conversation, 10 September.

Read this 2018 article, ‘Lack of technical knowledge in leadership is a key reason why so many IT projects fail’, in which Darryl Carlton analyses why so many IT projects fail.