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Tuffley, D. (2017). How to manage self-motivated, intelligent workers. The Conversation, February 26.

Read this article to learn about how to motive the emerging type of worker who usually knows more about their job than anyone else in the organization and is not likely to suffer fools gladly. This type of worker is difficult to manage as they don’t consider themselves to be subordinates in the traditional sense.

Williams-Grut, O. (2016). Deutsche Bank, Airbnb, and McKinsey use this personality test to find 'millennial talent' — take a look. The Independent, 6 October.

Read an article by Oscar Williams-Grut (2016) in The Independent on how some companies use machine learning and predictive analysis, where a personality test is a part of it, to find the right candidates for hiring.

Davey, L. (2013). The Introvert’s Guide to Surviving Teamwork. Psychology Today, 14 August.

To previously specified tips Lina Davey (2013) adds some more. Read her article ‘The introvert’s guide surviving teamwork’.